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The AMC theater chain on Friday banned face-covering masks and “offensive” costumes at its theaters in the wake of the shooting at a Colorado theater where The Dark Knight Rises was being shown. The theater’s action came after eyewitnesses told of seeing the alleged shooter dressed in black and wearing a mask and body armor mingling with the crowd prior to the midnight screening. “We will not allow any guests into our theaters in costumes that make other guests feel uncomfortable, and we will not permit face-covering masks or fake weapons inside our buildings,” AMC said in a statement. Likewise Regal Entertainment, which operate’s the nation’s largest theater chain, said that its patrons “should expect stricter controls over character attire and accessories” but it did not specify what sort of controls it intended to impose. No other exhibitor has announced any change in its policy regarding costumes or masks, including Cinemark, the chain that operates the theater where Friday’s shooting took place. Cinemark chief Tim Warner on Friday responded to criticism that the theater did not have a guard on duty at the time of the incident. “Obviously, this person made a well-organized plan and had an assault weapon that would’ve overpowered any security that we would’ve had,” Warner said. “I mean, he’s obviously a very deranged gunman that had access to very high-powered weapons.”