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July 14, 2012 by · 16 Comments 

A video — probably taken with a smartphone — of absolutely dreadful quality of the Man of Steel trailer has been posted online. But even allowing for the fuzzy images, it may be hard to understand what brought fans who viewed it to their feet and caused one questioner during a panel discussion about the movie to break down in sobs. Nevertheless, several reports have indicated that the two-minute-long trailer — the camcorded video makes it appear as if it was shown on three screens simultaneously — convinced many of those in attendance that the Superman reboot, due to be released next June 14, will become the blockbuster hit of the year. Adam Vary, who covered the screening of the trailer for Entertainment Weekly‘s blog,wrote, “Snap Judgment: Major. Goosebumps. [Director Zack] Snyder appears to have crafted a rich, regal, deeply serious, and quite emotional cinematic canvas for this iteration of Superman’s story, and the footage struck just the right balance between grand spectacle and human-scaled feeling.” Natalie Finn of E! online remarked that the trailer got “the audience’s collective heart pounding faster than a speeding bullet.” Her conclusion: “Man of Steel looks (and sounds) amazing.” Eric Eisenberg of provided a scene-by-scene description of the trailer, then summed up: “What surprised me most about the footage was how bleak it was.” During a panel discussion following the screening, Snyder said that his aim was “making [Superman] work and making him cool. … The big challenge is if you can make people feel, what would you do if you were Superman? How would you feel? In the past, he’s been a big blue Boy Scout on a throne.” Ultimately he decided “to act as if no [Superman] film had been made.”