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Warner Bros. has previewed Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises to a select group of U.S. bloggers on condition that they not publish reviews until July 19, the day before the official premiere. Britain’s Guardian magazine reported today that some of those bloggers, while not actuially posting reviews per se, did register their opinions of the movie online on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Some of their comments were subsequently taken down, presumably at the request of the studio — but, nothing really ever disappears from the Web, and the Guardian has gone ahead and published some of the remarks. All were apparently glowing anyway, including one who wrote on Facebook: “I myself cried twice, once out of sadness and once out of pure, geeky uncontrollable happiness.” Another wrote: “Wow quite speechless at the moment … It was everything I wanted it to be.” And another apparently is prepared to pay to see it next time, “Can’t wait to see it again,” he wrote.