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Famed British documentary filmmaker Michael Apted (he also directed the family drama The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader in 2010) has disclosed that Mike Jagger blocked the release of a feature documentary that he shot about the Rolling Stones in 2002. Interviewed by Britain’s Guardian newspaper at the Edinburgh Television Festival on Saturday, Apted said that when he showed a rough-cut of the film to Jagger at a meeting in Las Vegas, the Stones’ frontman told him, “We can’t have this. This is not doing the band any good.” Apted said, without explanation that Jagger then “hired his hitman in to deal with it.” According to the director, Jagger then demanded that 20 minutes of scenes be deleted from the film, which was then 105 minutes long. “So I did it and thought it was horrible. And I sent it back to him and there was silence. … Then eventually he came back and said ‘take another 20 minutes out of it’. And I said ‘f*** off.'” Apted said that he still has the unfinished film and occasionally shows it to friends. “There are lots of other directors who’ve done the same things [with the Rolling Stones] and only the blandest films have ever made it through, like the Scorsese thing,” he said, a reference to director Martin Scorsese’s 2008 documentary Shine a Light.