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How does a grownup critic seriously review a movie titled Oogieloves in The BIG Balloon Adventure? The answer, judging from those who did: with serious distaste. “If only there were something on screen to keep your adult brain from dissolving into strained peas,” Rafer Guzmán yearningly remarks in Newsday, while acknowledging that the movie is “100 percent kid-friendly and cutesy-wutesy.” But Loren King in the Boston Globe complains, “Maybe it’s all harmless enough. But who needs a Teletubbies retread?” A.O. Scott composes his review as if it were a letter to himself from a toddler named Stella who has just seen the movie: “When the butterflies come on the screen your sposed to stand up and sing the song, then sit down when the turtles come, but a lot of kids dint sit down and the grown-ups dint stand up because they were texting. Hallie’s dad texted Shoot Me Now and that was silly because why would you text someone to shoot you. There is no shooting in this movie.” Mark Olsen of the Los Angeles Times saw it at a screening with a lot of kids in attendance. He writes that they “lost steam at a steady clip, stopping with the standing and the sitting in favor of simply running up and down the aisles.”