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NBC may be delaying the broadcast of some Olympic events for hours but there apparently is not even a five-second delay in its real-time coverage. The result: a Janet Jackson-type reveal during a women’s water polo match on Wednesday, when, as underwater cameras looked on, one member of the Spanish team pulled down the swimsuit of an American opponent. The reveal was about as long as the one during Jackson’s performance at the Super Bowl. But that was enough to cause a national furor and trigger an FCC fine (later overturned). The London Daily Mail commented, “It may have arguably been the first time in this summer’s Olympics a tape delay would have been useful.” The newspaper posted a couple of Twitter posts: “I don’t think that’s legal to see a girls boob fully exposed on the tv during an olympic water polo game.. #wtf there are families watching,” one person wrote. But, said another, “Just saw a boob on the Olympics. Womens water polo is awesome!!”