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The major studios may have decided that 3D has lost its fascination for moviegoers and may now be focusing on IMAX as a way of enticing them to pay premium prices for tickets. The recent success of The Dark Knight Rises, which produced record sales at IMAX venues, may have led the way. Now, the format has received the blessing of Steven Spielberg, who announced on Wednesday that he plans to release the original Raiders of the Lost Ark in IMAX theaters only for one week only starting September 7 on all 275 IMAX screens in North America. (Digitally restored DVD and Blu-ray versions are due to be released as part of a Raiders home-video package on Sept. 18.) In an interview with the New York Times, Spielberg said, “For me, it’s always been the bigger the screen, the better. It’s the only marked contrast we have to the generations that are seeing our movies on phones and hand-held platforms. It’s a complete relief to be able to see a film that many people have just experienced on a palm-sized platform technology, suddenly hurled at that them on an IMAX-sized screen.” Spielberg also noted that, except for enhancing Raiders’ resolution and sound for the IMAX release, he has not altered the film in any way otherwise. “I’m not going back and doing to any of my movies that are now coming out on Blu-ray what I did when E.T. was reissued for the third time and I made some digital changes in the picture. I’m not doing that any more. I’ve resigned myself to accepting that what the film was at the time of its creation is what it always should be for future generations. I’m no longer a digital revisionist.”