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Kim Dotcom

The prosecution of alleged online piracy tycoon Kim Dotcom and his associates is quickly becoming the backfire heard ’round the world. In the latest revelations about alleged law enforcement and prosecutorial improprieties in the case, court documents now suggest that New Zealand police provided inaccurate information to the country’s equivalent of the CIA that led to the spy agency illegally monitoring Dotcom. As reported by, the intelligence bureau, the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB), like the CIA, may only target foreign subjects; it may not spy on its own citizens or permanent residents. Dotcom, however, was a permanent resident of the country at the time the GCSB was monitoring his activities. In court on Wednesday, Justice Helen Winkelmann, who is hearing the case, asked how it was possible that the GCSB hadn’t known about Dotcom’s New Zealand residency. “It is something I’m concerned about,” she said.