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Television remains the No. 1 source of news in America, but the news audience is growing older — much older, according to a Pew Research study. And CNN’s audience has taken a big hit. While only four years ago 24 percent of Americans said they watched CNN regularly, only 16 percent say they do today. The study found that only 34 percent of persons under 30 currently watch TV news programs, down from 49 percent six years ago. However, they do watch the Comedy Central duo, Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert, both of whom spoof the news. Some 39 percent of The Daily Show‘s audience is under 30 years old and 43 percent of The Colbert Report’s. The study found that 60 percent of people under 25 now get their news online. Most surprising, however, is that those in the younger age group did not get their news from traditional online sources like newspaper websites or news blogs but from social networks.