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What do monster movies and Adam Sandler movies have in common? Well, usually it’s that they both get lousy reviews. But Hotel Transylvania isn’t really a monster movie — the animated monsters in it are rather cute — and it’s not really an Adam Sandler movie — although Sandler does provide the voice of Dracula. The result is that the movie is getting very mixed reviews. Sara Stewart in the New York Post refers to it as “serviceable” and “kid-and-parent friendly.” She then remarks, “As for Sandler, this may be his best work in years, which I suppose isn’t saying much.” Amy Biancolli in the San Francisco Chronicle notches that assessment up a notch. “As Dracula,” she writes, “Sandler delivers one of the best and most endearing performances of his career.” Joe Neumaier in the New York Daily News warns, “This being a Sandler movie, the humor skews toward the infantile (fart jokes, peeing baby werewolves). But the sleek visuals are rich and glossy.” Neil Genzlinger comments in the New York Times, “The movie loses its originality as it rolls toward its predictable conclusion, but it’s still lovely to look at.” And Tom Russo of the Boston Globe concludes that “the movie maintains very likable energy throughout.” Even the negative reviews aren’t really all that bad. Betsy Sharkey remarks in the Los Angeles Times that the story “is pretty blah” but she, too, regards it as “kid friendly,” while concluding that it “never becomes the great monster mash that seemed in the offing.” And Rafer Guzmán in Newsday describes it as “a string of jokes without a story,” while noting, “The narrative zigs and zags frantically … to make room for the gags.” For a monster and an Adam Sandler movie combination, it could have been worse.