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Sue Akers

While much has been written about the enormous cost to News Corp of the telephone hacking scandal in the U.K., little has been written about the cost to the British taxpayer. But Deputy Assistant Police Commissioner Sue Akers has put a figure on the costs of the three parallel investigations: Operation Weeting, which focuses on the phone hacking, has 96 officers assigned to it; Operation Tuleta, which is looking into computer hacking and other breaches of privacy, has 19 officers working the case; and Operation Elveden, which is looking into allegations of a cover-up, commands the attention of 70 officers. Akers put the total cost at £40 million (roughly $60 million). She also noted that it comes at a time when the budget of the Metropolitan Police — also known as Scotland Yard — has also been strained by the demands of providing security during the London Olympics. “There is an enormous amount of money being spent on this,” Akers told the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee, “a lot of police resources, and post-Olympics we’re going to be in very tight financial times.” Noting that 12 terabytes of data is associated with the investigations, Akers indicated that police have yet to decide when to call a halt to the probes. “An exit strategy is one of the most difficult issues,” she said.