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Until now, the stump speech has been a convenient tool of presidential candidates, allowing them to deliver virtually the same remarks at countless “whistle stops” all over the country. But in the day of streaming video, when a candidate’s remarks in every Podunk town can be viewed instantly online, a reassessment of the stump speech may be in order. That appraisal was brought home by a new commercial by the Republican National Committee in which excerpts from President Obama’s stump speech in 2008, delivered in various locations, are intercut with excerpts from his current stump speech, which, the commercial suggests, is almost identical. The TV spot concludes with the words: “Same speeches. Same promises. Are you better off?” The New York Post‘s conservative film critic Kyle Smith, who has posted the commercial on his blog, describing it as a “brutal and clever video,” nevertheless is willing to cut Obama some slack. “Obama isn’t any different from your average pol,” he wrote, “and he just proves we shouldn’t idolize these people.”