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Martin Scorsese, who has famously chronicled on film the careers of legendary rock performers including The Rolling Stones, The Band, and Bob Dylan, plans to exec produce a documentary about Chicago Sun-Times film critic Roger Ebert. Reports indicate that the documentary will be written by Steven Zaillian, who won a screenwriting Oscar for Schindler’s List, and directed by Steve James, who directed that 1994 documentary Hoop Dreams which followed two black Chicago teenagers in their quest to become NBA players. The film reportedly will be based on Ebert’s memoir, Life Itself, released earlier this year. Ebert himself emailed the website SlashFilm.com: “This dropped out of the blue. They say they have a good idea for an approach. I believe Steve James’ Hoop Dreams is one of the greatest documentaries ever made, and my hopes for this are so high. I never thought of my book as a doc. I’m keeping hands off any involvement, such as with the screenplay, because I don’t want to be a third wheel. Whatever they do I will be fascinated.”