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Four new films opened over the weekend, all of them disappointments — and two were outright flops. Warner Bros.’ ambitious Cloud Atlas, which had been expected to earn a modest $11-12 million, ended up with just $9.6 million and a C+ grade from moviegoers polled by CinemaScore. (That was nevertheless somewhat better than Sunday’s estimates and moved the film to second place in the final tally, rather than third.) Silent Hill: Revelation 3D placed fifth, despite the benefit of 3D surcharges. Paramount’s Fun Size barely made it into the top ten, placing tenth with just $4.1 million, while Fox’s Chasing Mavericks chased dust with just $2.3 million. Benefiting from the poor showing by the newcomers — and from terrific word-of-mouth — was Warner Bros.’ Argo, which jumped to first place in its third week with $12.1 million, to bring its three-week total to $60.5 million. Overall, the box office was down 13 percent from a year ago when Paramount/DreamWorks’s Puss in Boots opened with $34.1 million.