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The British public’s sense of trust in the BBC has plunged in the wake of reports that top executives of the public broadcaster ignored rumors that the late Jimmy Savile, long one of their biggest stars, had been a serial child molester, often abusing underage girls in his dressing room. A survey conducted by the research group Com Res concluded that 47 percent of the public now regards the BBC as untrustworthy, while 45 percent still trust it. Eight percent declined to express an opinion. Some two-thirds of those polled said that they believe the BBC “will suffer lasting damage to its reputation because of the allegations made about Jimmy Savile.” Conservative MP Rob Wilson told today’s (Tuesday) London Daily Mail, “The BBC should [accept that] it has serious questions to answer about how it allowed one of its employees to get away with pedophilia for so long, despite apparently widespread rumors, allegations and even police investigations.”