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Rocky Mountain Pictures has decided to delay the release of Hating Breitbart, about the late conservative media critic Andrew Breitbart, one week so that it can resubmit the documentary to the MPAA ratings board, which had originally slapped the film with an R-rating for obscene language. “I have gone as far as I can go cleaning up the language and keeping the film true to the character of Andrew Breitbart. It is reasonable to hope the MPAA will change our rating,” the film’s director, Andrew Marcus, said in a statement. Marcus noted that the film now has four uses of the F-word in the film — “down from nine” — and noted that other films, such as The Social Network, have received PG ratings with occasional uses of the offending word. “The language in the film is not gratuitous,” Marcus said. “This film is not scripted. It captures real experiences, situations and conversations and occasional adult language is part of that reality.” In response, the MPAA observed that a movie with an R-rating merely requires a parent to give consent to their children before they can see it. Political documentaries rarely, if ever, attract many underage ticket buyers.