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The daughter of Jerry Siegel, who co-created Superman with Joe Schuster in 1933, is vowing to continue to battle Warner Bros. for a “rightful share” of Superman profits. In an open letter to Superman fans, Laura Siegel Larson wrote that Warner Bros. continues to fight her and her family despite a favorable federal court decision in their favor in 2008. Two years later, Warner Bros. sued to force Marc Toberoff to resign as the attorney for Siegel and Schuster, claiming he enticed the heirs to walk away from a $3 million settlement. Siegel Larson wrote: “Warner has spent about $35 million dollars on corporate lawyers to fight my family and the Shusters instead of investing in a fair settlement. The very attorneys who are lining their pockets with millions in fees accuse my attorney of profiteering when, in fact, Marc has not received one cent since he filed the first Superman case for us in 2004, and has advanced enormous sums out of his own pocket on our behalf. Unlike Warner’s highly paid attorneys, Marc Toberoff will not be compensated unless and until we prevail.” The letter concluded: “What Warner Bros apparently doesn’t realize is that despite their tremendous power, I will never give up on my parents’ dream of rightfully restoring my father’s rights to his family. Would Superman, the embodiment of ‘truth, justice and the American way’, let Warner Bros, DC Comics, and their gang of attorneys get away with this? Not for an instant!”