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The DVR is turning the dynamics of the broadcast networks’ premiere week on its head, new data released Sunday by Nielsen Research has indicated. As reported by USA Today, when seven-day delayed viewing is compared with day-after results, many scripted shows evidenced startling increases. Among the key 18-49 age group, they included an 81-percent jump in the audience for NBC’s Grimm, a 68-percent rise for NBC’s new Revolution; 64 percent for Fox’s Fringe; 42 percent for ABC’s Modern Family and 38 percent for CBS’s The Big Bang Theory. In an interview with the newspaper, David Poltrack who tracks ratings for CBS, commented that the industry has been “fixated” on the ratings released by Nielsen the day after programs air — but those, he said, are often “misleading and unreliable. The bottom line is, you really can’t assess a season from this data until you get it all in.”