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Provoking further speculation that relations between Jay Penske and Nikki Finke have deteriorated since Penske acquired Variety and failed to involve Finke in the trade paper’s operations, Finke and fellow Deadline reporter Dominic Patten said on Wednesday that when Deadline attempted to cover a meeting between Penske and Variety‘s staff their reporter was “escorted from the building by security before it began.” On Sunday Finke had posted a notice saying, “I wasn’t able to take time off last month so I’m going to try now.” Reporters attempting to reach her following the announcement that Penske Media, which owns Finke’s website, had purchased Variety were told that she was on vacation in Hawaii and unavailable for comment. It was therefore somewhat surprising to see her name sharing a byline on a story about Penske’s talk to Variety‘s staff, which quoted sources at the meeting as saying that it lasted about 40 minutes, that Penske took no questions, and that his principal announcement was that he intended to remove the paywall that currently only allows subscribers to Variety’s expensive print edition to read the trade paper online. Meanwhile, today’s (Thursday) New York Post reported that Bonnie Fuller, who is currently editing Penske’s celebrity gossip website, will likely replace Tim Gray as Variety‘s editor-in-chief.