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The Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) has screened the Chinese film Feng Shui from director Wang Jing, despite a request by its distributor to withdraw it in support of the Chinese government’s claim to the disputed Senkaku island chain (or Diaoyus in China). Protests over Japan’s administration of the uninhabited islands erupted in China in August and September, and the dispute has spilled over to TIFF, where several Chinese producers have yanked their films. But Feng Shui is regarded as a strong contender for the festival’s top prize, and organizers refused to eliminate it, citing a signed contract by the distributor, Beijing Antaeus Film Co Ltd. Nobushige Toshima, head of programming for the festival, said in a statement, “If a movie cannot be screened, it means we are allowing politics to step into the sphere of cultural exchanges, namely a film festival, and that we should not allow to happen. … We judged that we should provide a venue to present an excellent film.”