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October 8, 2012 by · 2 Comments 

Kyle Smith

In an opinion piece that appeared in the New York Post‘s Sunday edition, the newspaper’s film critic Kyle Smith made the case that the iPhone is quickly destroying the experience of going to the movies. Smith commented that until the advent of the device, “a trip to the movies … was just about the last thing we did that involved absolute concentration on just one thing.” But nowadays, he remarked, “it has been my habit, when someone sitting next to me pollutes my peripheral vision with one of these pernicious little boxes, to call out, not quietly, “Will you SHUT THAT OFF PLEASE?” My purpose is to emphasize the rudeness of the habit by being even more obnoxious.” Smith noted that the tactic often doesn’t work, merely evoking “nasty stares. … But something must be done.” Worse, he said, the pratice has now “spread to private, invitation-only screenings attended exclusively by fellow journos, entertainment-industry types and other invitees who really ought to know better. When there’s a quiet stretch of one second or more, someone is likely to disrupt the moment by sparking up some iCrack.” Smith figures that filmmakers are paying heed to the behavior. They’re “speeding things up, cutting faster, steering far away from those boring old intervals of contemplation.”