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British Prime Minister David Cameron is being urged by opposition members of Parliament to set up an independent investigation in the wake of the Jimmy Savile sex-abuse scandal to determine the BBC’s involvement — if any — in the apparent cover-up of Savile’s alleged conduct. Ed Milliband, the head of the Labor Party, said in an interview on ITV Monday night: “In order to do right by the victims I don’t think the BBC can lead their own inquiry. … This has got to be independent.” However, Maria Miller, Britain’s Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, has already rejected such calls for an independent investigation, pointing out that a police investigation of the charges has already been launched. “Everybody would agree that it is really important that those individuals who have been victims know that the investigation can go on unfettered and that that should be our priority at this stage,” she told Parliament. Meanwhile, British newspapers are reporting new allegations that at least four members of the crew working on the hit BBC show Top of the Pops, which Savile hosted, were also child abusers who plucked their victims out of the audience. The so-called inner circle reportedly included one of the show’s cameramen. Commenting on the allegations, BBC Radio host Jeremy Vine said, “The fact that a person was using his BBC prestige and maybe even BBC dressing rooms to attack young children I find completely disgusting as a father of two young daughters. ‘I cannot believe that it happened for such a sustained period that we may be looking at one of the most serious predatory pedophiles in criminal history — and he was on our doorstep.”