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On the eve of trick-or-treat night, several critics are calling Fun Size a pretty nifty treat. Not that they’re particularly excited about it. Mark Olsen in the Los Angeles Times writes that it “lives up to the candy correlation of its title. It’s pleasurable enough in the moment, but the buzz fades quickly.” Andy Webster in the New York Times likes its “effervescent tempo” and applauds its “good cast … tidy script and jokes just provocative enough.” And Miriam Beale in the New York Daily News suggests that the movie gets Halloween down pat. “By the end of this romp,” she remarks, “Fun Size actually accomplished something charming: sentimentality without normality.” On the other hand, Roger Moore in the Orlando Sentinel calls it a “PG romp that only rarely romps.” Peter Hartlaub in the San Francisco Chronicle comments that the movie “seems trapped in a limbo between a hyperkinetic comedy for kids and something more outlaw for teens. PG-13 may have been the lucrative move, but it feels as if there’s an internal struggle going on between PG and R.” Likewise Tom Russo in the Boston Globe observes, “One minute we’re sidetracking into kiddie potty humor, and the next we’re veering toward Nickelodeon-ized American Pie. … Yep, just like a Halloween miniatures assortment, something for everyone — or no one, as the case may be.”