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Paranormal Activity 4 accomplishes pretty much what its predecessors did — it makes its audience feel creepy about empty rooms. “There’s virtually nothing new” in the found-footage movie, Claudia Puig remarks in USA Today, a common theme of most of the reviews, although she notes, “Most of the creepy stuff is recorded via a laptop webcam or video chats instead of a standard video camera.” Joe Neumaier in the New York Daily News remarks that the laptop is the sole “whoo-hoo innovation” in the latest sequel. But that novelty apparently leads the Los Angeles Times‘s Mark Olsen to provide just about the only positive comment about the movie appearing in any of the major reviews: “This film’s strong suit is that it finally feels contemporary,” he writes. Contemporary, maybe, but virtually all of the critics are writing the film off as simply … boring. Incidentally, the New York Times chose not to review it — an odd choice regarding a movie in wide release. (The Times did not respond to an email inquiry about the reasons for its decision to pass on reviewing the film.)