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Ordinarily, the major broadcast and cable networks would be devoting most of their news coverage this week to the final campaigning of the 2012 presidential election, expecting some sort of traditional “October surprise” from one or each of the candidates. But many of the reporters who have been assigned to augment the work of the principal correspondents assigned to the campaign have been dispatched instead to areas of the East Coast that are expected to bear the brunt of Hurricane Sandy. CNN said that while it will continue to report on the Obama and Romney contests, particularly in the battleground states, “the storm will be the priority for at least 36 hours.” On Friday CNN weather anchor Rob Marciano tweeted, “The name ‘Frankenstorm’ has been coined by some meteorologists and media. We are refraining due [to] the severity of the storm.” However, the Energy Collective, a group that continues to warn of the dangers of climate change from global warming, commented, “The name ‘Frankenstorm’ fits. The unique severity of the storm is the point! Manmade warming has consequences.” Meanwhile, CBS said on Sunday that production of all its New York-based productions, including The Good Wife, Elementary and Blue Bloods, will halt production for the duration of the storm. Likewise, Warner Bros. said that it is shutting down production of 666 Park Avenue, Gossip Girl, Person of Interest, The Carrie Diaries, and The Following. Movie theaters along the East Coast are also going dark until the storm passes. Focus Features said it is postponing Tuesday night’s premiere of Anna Karenina, starring Keira Knightley, in New York.