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A spokesman for the New York Times said on Wednesday that the newspaper is satisfied with explanations by its incoming chief Mark Thompson, the former director-general of the BBC, that he had heard nothing about the sex-abuse charges against popular host Jimmy Savile while serving in his previous position. Thompson told the Times: “Had I known about the nature of the allegations and the credible allegations that these horrific crimes had taken place during his time at the BBC and in the building at the BBC, I of course would have considered them very grave and would have acted very differently.” The Times spokesman, Bob Christie, told the Associated Press, “Mark has done an excellent job of explaining the matter.” But the newspaper’s ombudsman is obviously not convinced. She wrote on Tuesday, “A director general of a giant media company is something like a newspaper’s publisher. Would a publisher be very likely to know if an investigation of one of its own people on sexual abuse charges had been killed?”