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Box office activity for the fourth installment of Paranormal Activity is expected to be as robust as its forerunners’. Industry pundits are predicting that it will earn around $50-55 million, in line with Paranormal Activity 3, which opened with $52.6 million. This edition reportedly cost about $6 million to produce, a fraction of the budget of most wide releases. But the original Paranormal film was made for just $15,000 and eventually ended up with a massive worldwide total of nearly $200 million, making it the most profitable horror flick of all time. Like the franchise’s previous editions, Paranormal Activity 4 is generating mostly negative reviews. But those reviews would be considered absolutely glowing when compared with those for the only other film opening wide this weekend, Alex Cross, starring Tyler Perry, the filmmaker behind the Madea movies. It is the first movie that Perry has starred in that he didn’t also write and direct. It has not generated a single positive review from a major-market critic.