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Jerry Seinfeld has not only starred in one of the most successful sitcoms in TV history, he has now set a record for the most-read letter-to-the-editor of the New York Times on the newspaper’s website. Seinfeld’s letter was touched off by a column by the Times‘s media critic Neil Genzlinger about his contempt for the “snarky” use of the word “really” by comedians, “delivered with a high-pitched sneer to indicate a contempt so complete that it requires no clarification.” Genzlinger called it “lazy writing.” In response, Seinfeld said that he thought the columnist had “stepped into my area of expertise. Really, Neil? Really? You’re upset about too many people saying, ‘Really?’? I mean, really. O.K., fine, when it’s used in scripted media, it is a little lazy. But comedy writers are lazy.” The comedian also took issue with one of Genzlinger’s illustrations of the inappropriate use of the word. “Your example with the girl in the office and the bad clothes? It is definitely much more fun to look at her and just say, ‘Really?’ than to actually talk about the stupid outfit. Really, it is.”