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Five new films are being given wide releases this weekend, but many box office pundits are predicting that it will be last weekend’s winner, Taken 2, that will take the No. 1 spot when ticket sales are tallied. Hedging their bets a bit, however, they’re saying that the outcome is likely to be close. If Taken 2 drops about 50 percent in its second weekend outing, they note, it will wind up with around $25 million. Ben Affleck’s enthusiastically reviewed Argo is expected to earn slightly below that amount in its debut. The horror flick Sinister, starring Ethan Hawke, will likely take third place with around $15-18 million, edging out the comedy Here Comes the Boom, starring Kevin James, with around $13-16 million. With only about 2,000 theaters — 1,000 fewer than its rivals — Seven Psychopaths will likely take in around $5-7 million, while the political drama Atlas Shrugged: Part II is not expected to perform much better than Part I, which opened with $1.68 million last year. But while the first installment opened on only 300 screens, the second is debuting on slightly more than 1,000. It was not previewed for critics.