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Like its predecessor, Taken 2 played stronger overseas than it did domestically. The film raked in $41 million in 59 markets to bring its foreign total to $132.8 million — a figure that is already 62 percent above the $81.8 million that the original film collected throughout its international run three years ago — and it has yet to open in Japan and several key areas of Latin America. Stand-out grosses for the movie were reported for the film in the U.K. where it added $6 million to its gross, which now stands at $23.4 million, and in China, where it took in $4 million, bringing its two-week take to $10.8 million. Opening in second place in France with $2.8 million was Seth MacFarlane’s R-rated Ted. Together with $11.1 million from 43 other markets, the film’s overseas tally surged to $250.5 million, bringing its worldwide take to $469 million and making it the highest grossing R-rated comedy of all time.