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Opening without the benefit of 3D charges, the latest James Bond movie, Skyfall, is apparently planning to milk its IMAX release for all that it’s worth. While MGM and Sony have not yet announced the actual number of theaters using the giant format that will be screening the movie, the two studios will be attempting to pack them by promoting the IMAX presentations as something special. First, they noted, the 007 film will be screened on November 7, one day before the scheduled North American debut on November 8. Second, IMAX moviegoers will actually be able to view more of the movie than those seeing it on conventional screens. It’s not that added scenes are being inserted into the film, said a studio press release, but that the IMAX presentation “will be specially formatted to feature a larger aspect ratio than the conventional release for the entirety of the film. This aspect ratio … will allow audiences to see more of the image and result in a full panorama of the action, further immersing them into the vast scale and scope of the film.” Meanwhile, producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson are telling interviewers that they have no plans ever to produce a James Bond movie in 3D, a technology that they dismiss as a novelty suitable for horror and sci-fi films but not action flicks like theirs that require a lot of quick cutting.