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Simon Cowell, the producer of Fox’s The X Factor, on which he also appears as a judge, has proposed a summit meeting with Mark Burnett, his counterpart on NBC’s The Voice to avoid direct competition with one another, the Wall Street Journal reported today (Monday). Cowell’s move comes following NBC’s decision to air three episodes of The Voice during a recent week, including one that aired on the same night as the season debut of X Factor. “It was aggressive and mean, and I’ll say it to their faces when I eventually see them,” Cowell told the Journal. Cowell indicated that he believed that a gentlemen’s agreement was in place for the two shows to have their own nights and suggested that he and Burnett “sit down and talk, so we don’t cannibalize each other.” Burnett appeared to dismiss Cowell’s proposal, calling it “egocentric” and saying that in planning the schedule for The Voice, “we didn’t ever mention [Cowell] or X Factor once in a meeting.” Ratings for both shows are down from last season, the Journal observed, quoting Jason Maltby, a media buyer at Mindshare.