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Much has been written about the need of the motion picture industry to change its business model. But a tiny Swedish film company is attempting to do just that, and, if it’s successful, could establish a template for major studios to follow. In a news release on Thursday, the producers of Johannes Nyholm’s award-winning indie movie Las Palmasclaimed that after they screened it at the Cannes Film Festival last May, they attracted over 15 million views on YouTube for their trailer, making it the third most-popular trailer of 2011. (The film features a one-year-old girl playing a drunk middle-aged tourist at a cafĂ© in Las Palmas, one of Spain’s Canary Islands. The rest of the characters are puppets.) Now, said the company in its statement, “We are trying out an alternative distribution method, putting the movie online ourselves, for everyone to watch and download for a small fee [about $2.00]. No big distribution company … just do-it-ourselves methodology.” How people respond to this distribution method, the company said, will provide an indication of whether “a small-scale business to cover the whole chain of a complicated film production, from shoot to distribution” can be successful. The company posted a new ad/trailer for their movie on Thursday.