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The former managing director of BBC television has predicted that heads will roll over the sex abuse scandal involving the late Jimmy Savile, once one of the BBC’s biggest stars. Appearing on BBC Radio’s The Media Show, Will Wyatt, who left the public broadcaster in 1999, commented, “I find it hard to believe that six months from now, everybody who is working in the corporation at whatever level will still be working be there.” Wyatt was particularly critical of the decision to have the newly installed director general, George Entwistle, face the press about the matter with little knowledge of what had occurred. “Someone should have said ‘look, there’s a story here, it looks pretty damning. It says Jimmy Savile was abusing girls on BBC premises, Newsnight were investigating it, it has been dropped. What the hell was going on? Let’s find out what,'” Wyatt said. He pointed out that news accounts of the decision by Newsnight (a program similar to 60 Minutes) to drop the story were published in January and February. “When those articles appeared, someone in the press department should have brought them to the attention of the head of news, indeed the director general — and made them clear, and then there should have been a quick investigation of what the hell this was about,” Wyatt said. That investigation is due to begin next week, with Director General George Entwistle, BBC News Director Helen Boaden, and former Newsnight editor Peter Rippon scheduled to be interviewed about the reasons for axing the Savile report.