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Fox Entertainment chief Kevin Reilly accused his fellow TV execs on Wednesday of having “our head up our ass” He apparently included himself in that judgment, noting that none of the networks is taking into account the changing behavior of television viewers. To assess the change, he suggested, the execs only have to look at their own behavior. “If you ask execs how they watch TV, they’re either not watching a particular product or they just watched five seasons on Netflix. So, why is this any different than anyone at home? We are way too obsessed with one another and not with the consumer.” Reilly suggested that virtually all of the old business strategies of the networks need to be reassessed — including launching shows in the fall and filling the summer with cheap reality shows or scripted shows that can also be produced at low cost. “I see us in the industry buying cut-rate fare because [we think] people want to watch cut-rate fare in summer. That’s not true,” he said. Nor is it true that a TV season has to last 22 episodes. He noted that next year Fox has plans to air one series, The Following, starring Kevin Bacon, that will only run 15 episodes.