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Two buildings occupied by the news media in Gaza were hit by Israeli aircraft on Sunday, wounding at least eight journalists, including one who lost a leg in the attack. Israel responded to criticism of the attack by saying that it was aiming at Hamas communications equipment installed on the roofs of the two buildings, and it accused the militant group of using reporters as human shields. The Foreign Press Association castigated the Israelis for the attacks and referred to a U.N. resolution condemning such attacks on journalists. “We obviously know there are journalists in the building,” an Israeli defense spokesman said, advising that they “stay away from any Hamas positions or Hamas sites or Hamas posts for their own safety.” Britain’s Sky News said that its offices had received a direct hit. In a report from the building, Sky News reporter Sam Kiley said, “The Israelis say they were targeting an antenna that is on the roof of the building. This is the stairwell between the 14th and 15th floor. Anyone on this stairwell would have been shredded.”