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While all eyes were focused on The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2 to see whether it would break box-office records (it didn’t; see separate item), Skyfall, the 23rd James Bond blockbuster, was continuing to rack up huge profits overseas, where, in its fourth week, it grossed an additional $49.6 million to bring its foreign total to $507.9 million. Together with the $41 million it earned domestically, its worldwide total now stands at $669.2 million, already exceeding Casino Royale’s $599.2 million, the previous record for a Bond movie, set in 2006. It also pushed Sony Pictures Entertainment’s 2012 revenue past $4 billion worldwide — making it the best year in the studio’s history in terms of total grosses. In terms of total profits, however, that’s a quite different story, as the studio suffered some expensive flops during the year, including Total Recall, reportedly the biggest loser of the summer. In its latest quarterly earnings call, Sony said that its operating profit was down nearly 62 percent from a year ago. But that calculation didn’t take into account ticket sales for Skyfall, which could go a long way towards erasing much of the shortfall.

  • DwDunphy

    This represents an increasingly common bipolarity among the thinkers at the studios. On the one hand you had Skyfall which is a movie seemingly everyone wanted to see happen. It was doomed for the longest time thanks to the demise of MGM, but the demand somehow kept it afloat until, finally, all the planets aligned and it was deemed feasible.

    Then you have Total Recall, a remake/reboot nobody wanted (Ridley Scott: pay attention and, maybe, rethink that Blade Runner continuation you are planning.)

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