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Kristen Stewart is being singled out for special praise by critics for her performance in the final Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn — Part 2. And the actress says that she herself felt more comfortable in the role than she had been in the previous iterations. “Because I got to play her and really get to know who she was, it didn’t feel hokey,” she told the Hollywood Reporter. “It never felt like I was playing a vampire in a crazy fantasy movie, it really just felt like a more realized version of who I’d been playing.” That was not always her feelings about her performance in the Twilight series, it seems. In a separate interview with the Los Angeles Times, she said, “I really, really, really, really wish I could go back and do [New Moon] again. I would just be better.” Her least favorite of the five films? Eclipse. She said, “I just didn’t love it. At the time we were kind of pumping them out. The movies were really close together. It felt a little mechanical. That is the most painful, when you know it. When you are on a set and you know that you are dropping things.”