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Judge Brian Leveson, who headed a parliamentary committee that held nine months of hearings into British journalistic ethics in the wake of the News of the World telephone-hacking scandal, recommended today (Thursday) that the British press appoint a committee to regulate its members. Leveson said that government should not threaten a free press but that steps must be taken to confront abuses. He proposed that the independent press group should be backed by government enforcement statutes and rejected proposals by media owners calling for more robust self regulation. British newspapers, he said, have failed to observe their own code of conduct over the last decade, resulting in “real hardship” for innocent people. “This is not just the famous but ordinary members of the public, caught up in events (many of them, truly tragic) far larger than they could cope with but made much, much worse by press behavior that, at times, can only be described as outrageous,” he said.