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There’s hardly a word of criticism of Ang Lee’s The Life of Pi in most of the reviews. “There are images in Life of Pi that are so beautiful, so surprising, so right that I hesitate to describe them. Suffice it to say that the simple, elemental facts of sky, sea and animal life are captured with sweetness and sublimity,” writes A.O. Scott in the New York Times, who is one of the few critics to temper such comments. He observes that “the narrative frame that surrounds these lovely pictures complicates and undermines them.” Most other reviews, however, contain no such reservations. Roger Ebert in the Chicago Sun-Times begins his review by calling the film “a miraculous achievement of storytelling and a landmark of visual mastery.” He concludes it by remarking: “I have decided it is one of the best films of the year.” Other critics pay it similar tribute. “Lee has given us a masterpiece,” exalts Betsy Sharkey in the Los Angeles Times. Comments Ann Hornaday in the Washington Post: “Life of Pi is a trip — in every transporting, liberating, mind-bending sense of the word.” And Lou Lumenick in the New York Post writes: “Ang Lee’s Life of Pi is the best-looking film I’ve seen this year, and possibly so far this century.”