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The three principal entertainment trade publications, Daily Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, and Britain’s Screen Daily have given high marks to the final Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn — Part 2, and are predicting record-breaking business for it this weekend. In Daily Variety, Justin Chang writes that the finale “clears a low bar to stand easily as the franchise’s most eventful and exciting entry.” He adds that the film “can be counted on to do even bigger biz than usual,” especially given the fact that it may be “the first Twilight picture that some men in the audience might find themselves actually enjoying.” In The Hollywood Reporter, Todd McCarthy predicts: “The $1 billion generated by the first four entries in the U.S. and $2.5 billion generated worldwide will be increased considerably by the time Breaking Dawn finally reaches its dusk.” Brent Simon in Screen Daily sums up: “More satisfying than objectively good, the movie serves as a fitting capstone on a five-year, $2.5 billion film franchise.” British newspaper reviewers have also chimed in early, but are not nearly so approving. In the Guardian, Peter Bradshaw condenses the plot this way: “The Twilight Saga signs off with a tentative whimper which turns into a conditional bang, which turns out to be a different, provisional kind of whimper.” To Robbie Collin in the Telegraph, the film is all “transcendent loopiness.” What the finale amounts to, he writes, “is three fingers of supernatural teen romance served neat in a dirty glass with a sparkler and cocktail umbrella, and not a single concession is made to newcomers, or sanity.” David Edwards in the Mirror is equally unimpressed, writing: “Packed to bursting with hormones, horror and Taylor Lautner’s abs, the fourth installment [Editor: It’s actually the fifth] is ergonomically designed to please fans of Stephenie Meyer’s books — and leave everyone who isn’t a teenage girl wondering what the fuss is about.” On the other hand, Baz Bamigboye, who scorned the first four movies has experienced a change of heart with the fourth. “Somehow the final film has stuff to say about love, friendship and loyalty that works,” he writes. He then offers a summary of the movie’s plot before bringing himself up short with: “I can’t believe I enjoyed such utter silliness. But, as I said, I got vampire fever. Please call a doctor. Quick!”