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A week before Mark Thompson is due to take over as CEO of the New York Times (on November 12), the Times has again raised questions about his fitness for the job, in light of the Jimmy Savile sex scandal, which now embroils the BBC, where Thompson served as director general. While Thompson has maintained that he knew nothing about the allegations against Savile or the decision to cancel a BBC Newsnight investigation about them, the Times observed that in the two months following the cancellation, “seven reports appeared in the British press about the scuttled investigation,” one of them reading, “BBC axes exposé into Jimmy Savile teen sex allegations.” Moreover, said the Times, “At least some of those articles were part of a packet of press clippings sent each morning to the network’s top executives.” It added: “Mr. Thompson’s daily 9:15 a.m. conference call with his top executives often included discussions from the clippings file.” Thompson responded that he did not read all of the clippings and does not remember seeing those about Savile among the packets.