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Just days after NBC announced that Alexandra Wallace had been appointed “executive in charge” of NBC’s Today show, the network announced that Don Nash had been handed the job of executive producer of the morning show, tasked with restoring it to its No. 1 position in the ratings. In a statement, NBC News President Steve Capus described Nash as “a beloved member of the Today family who brings vision, commitment and a deep familiarity to all aspects of the broadcast.” In an odd addendum to the announcement, Jim Bell, who lost his job as producer of the show to Nash, issued a statement saying that he was “thrilled for Don and for Today.” Bell praised Nash for his “unmatched morning-television experience, control-room skill and leadership.” The Today show veteran is being handed a tough assignment, given the show’s plunge in the ratings. In an aside, Washington Post TV columnist Lisa de Moraes wrote that Nash’s new boss, Wallace, “moves up a notch on our News Execs Deserving of Our Sympathy list; she’s going to continue as executive producer of NBC News’s troubled prime-time newsmag Rock Center With Brian Williams, a.k.a This Season’s Least-Watched Prime-time Program on a Big Four Network That’s Not Called Kitchen Nightmares.”