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Richard Greenfield

BTIG analyst Richard Greenfield has enthusiastically praised Google Fiber’s roll-out test in the two Kansas Cities, predicting that the super high-speed service will “accelerate rapidly, changing consumer habits.” In a message to clients, Greenfield wrote today (Wednesday) that the downside for the broadcast networks is that it will also result in splintering the traditional audience still further as video websites, such as Netflix and Google-owned YouTube, become seamlessly integrated into the home-viewing experience. (Unlike other online integrated services, Google Fiber does not require users to switch their HDMI inputs or use a separate settop box.) Greenfield estimates that at the subscription rate that Google is charging for its service that it won’t be recouping its costs, but that it will bring additional viewers to its YouTube networks, allowing it “to capture a greater share of the $60-billion TV ad market.” Moreover he anticipates that it will increase the time households spend online. Each subscriber also receives a free Nexus tablet that not only acts as a remote for the TV, but also “will enable even more online behavior in and out of the home,” strengthening Google’s traditional online utilities, including search, mail, maps, calendars, and cloud services.