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Alistair McAlpine, the British lawmaker who was linked to a reported pedophile group in Wales following a feature aired on the BBC’s Newsnight show, has said that he felt “shattered” by the report. Speaking a week after his accuser on the program recanted, the former Conservative party treasurer said in a radio interview that the program left him feeling as if he had been “consigned to the lowest circle of hell.” Despite an admission by the BBC that the program had erred and an apology by the broadcaster, McAlpine said that he will never be able to clear his name completely since some people will always believe the proverb that “there’s no smoke without fire.” He added: “This is the legacy that sadly the BBC have left me with.” Meanwhile, a lawyer for McAlpine said that he expects to reach a settlement with the BBC as early as today (Thursday). He said that McAlpine recognizes that any payment will have to come from the license-fee funds that the BBC collects from the public and that “any agreement that is reached is tempered in the light of that.” In the aftermath of the botched report, George Entwistle, the director-general of the BBC resigned and several veteran BBC news executives were asked to “step aside” while the matter was being investigated.