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A battle of succession between the three most likely candidates to fill the job of Warner Bros. chairman has forced studio employees to take sides, lowered morale, and slowed development of some films, the Los Angeles Times reported today (Monday), citing “more than a dozen” people associated with the studio who were not authorized to speak publicly. “There is not paralysis,” one longtime Warner insider told the newspaper, “but a murkiness and lack of clarity at a place that is not used to having those conditions.” The three competitors, Television Group President Bruce Rosenblum, Motion Pictures Group President Jeff Robinov and Home Entertainment Group President Kevin Tsujihara, were initially installed as a troika to run a newly created Office of the President in 2010 by Time Warner chief Jeff Bewkes, but instead, commented the Times, “the effort has inspired distrust and disharmony inside Warner Bros.” The three have not worked as a unit, it said, and, it observed, “Many worry that when Bewkes announces his choice for chairman it will create further instability, particularly if one or two of the losing candidates flee after losing the public runoff. If Bewkes were to choose an outsider, it’s possible all three could leave.”