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Daniel Craig, who remarked after learning that he had been selected to play James Bond in 2005 that he recognized that the franchise is a machine that “makes a lot of money,” has made the machine the most money for a Bond opening ever — an estimated $87.8 million [see updated figures below] for Skyfall. (The result is all the more remarkable for the fact that the selection of the then virtually unknown Craig seven years ago was greeted with massive protests and predictions that it would mark the death knell for an already faltering franchise.) Skyfall‘s weekend estimate turned out to be far higher than even the most sanguine predictions of box-office pundits, who figured that it would wind up with around $65-70 million. (Sony, its distributor, predicted $67 million.) Playing to the family crowd, last week’s No. 1 film, Disney Animation’s Wreck-It Ralph, dropped a modest 32 percent to $33.1 million. Descending to third place, Paramount’s Flight, starring Denzel Washington took in about $15.1 million, down 39 percent from last weekend. But coming on strong at just 11 theaters was Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, which raked in about $900,000 — or an average of nearly $82,000 per theater. The film is scheduled to open in around 1,700 theaters next weekend.

The top ten films for the weekend, according to studio estimates compiled by Box Office Mojo:
1. Skyfall, $87.8 million; 2. Wreck-It Ralph, $33.1 million; 3. Flight, $15.1 million; 4. Argo, $6.7 million; 5. Taken 2, $4 million; 6. Here Comes the Boom, $2.6 million; 7. Cloud Atlas, $2.53 million; 8. Pitch Perfect, $2.5 million; 9. The Man with the Iron Fists, $2.49 million; 10. Hotel Transylvania, $2.4 million.

Final Figures for the Top Five Films

1. Skyfall, $88,364,714
2. Wreck-It Ralph, $33,012,796
3. Flight, $14,785,097
4. Argo, $6,617,229
5. Taken 2, $4,012,829

Lincoln, $944,308 or $85,846 per theater