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What with Walmart selling Blu-ray Disc players for $38 on Black Friday, sales of the devices soared 20 percent versus the same day a year ago, even as consumer electronics sales as a whole fell 5.6 percent on the biggest day of the year for retail sales, according to a study by researchers NPD Group and reported by Home Media magazine. Those sales do not necessarily presage a significant increase in sales of Blu-ray Discs. Stephen Baker, VP of industry analysis at NPD, noted that some buyers may simply want to use them as a bridge between their computers and their TVs. “This speaks to people trying to get content [from the Internet] onto their televisions and not necessarily getting a single device that doesn’t give them flexibility [between physical and digital media],” Baker told Home Media magazine. “The idea [is] that if I want to watch a Blu-ray or DVD movie, it’s there, but [if] what I really want is access to online services, I’ve got that covered, too.”