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Unlike its principal competitors, CBS Corp. has pretty much all of its business in broadcasting. Sure, it has its Showtime and cable sports channels, and it releases an occasional low-budget movie. But mostly it is limited to broadcasting. A significant exception is its billboard business, CBS Outdoor, which it has been attempting to fuse with its broadcasting business by making many of its billboards electronic and transmitting changing advertisements to them. But the conversion process has not gone smoothly, as some cities have passed ordinances banning the billboards on the grounds that they represent dangerous distractions. In Los Angeles CBS and the owner of another billboard company, Clear Channel Communications (another broadcaster), sued the city, which had passed an anti-electronic-billboard law. Although the city agreed to settle the lawsuit by allowing the two companies to convert hundreds of signs, another sign company, Summit Outdoor, claimed that the settlement amounted to a sweetheart deal. On Monday, an appeals court agreed.