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As of this morning (Thursday), a video labeled “Golden Eagle Snatches Kid” has been viewed more than 18.6 million times on YouTube. A television show that had drawn a number like that would have been considered a gigantic hit. The video shows what appears to be an eagle soaring over the trees in a park, swooping down, grabbing a toddler playing on the lawn, lifting it a few feet and then dropping it. The cameraman shouts an expletive, runs to the child, his camera running, and asks him (in French) whether he’s OK. The footage looks convincing, and it certainly seemed that way to most of the people who commented on it on the YouTube site. But on Wednesday, the Canadian National Animation and Design Centre in Quebec issued a news release saying that the video was produced by four students and that the eagle and the infant were both produced digitally. It seems that the young filmmakers had been assigned a classroom project to produce a video that met “industry production and quality standards while developing team work skills.” The school also boasted that other “hoaxes produced in this class have already garnered attention.” It did not say what they were.